Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

We party all winter long in the Pascuzzi household. It starts with Baya in December, she turned 1, followed by Josey (4) and I in January, Izzy (9) in February, Vinny (7) in March, Charley (2) and Frazer (3) in April, Tony in May, and Max (2) in June. Whew! Everyone is having a great year and we are so happy it is finally spring on Frazer Bay. The loons were back the day after the ice went out (April 14th, Charley's bday) and the lake and the woods are alive again after a long winter.

Charley's 2nd birthday 

Vinny turning the big 7
Izzy and her Frazer cat
Izzy's bday at The Edge Waterpark
Izzy and her Daddy at a dance

Josey and her friends at her 4th birthday

Happy 4th Josey! 
Easter Sunday
Watching the ice go out
Matching Pjs
Snuggle Time! 
Vinny racing derby cars at Boy Scouts

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